About Hawk Scribes

Hawk Scribes primary mission is to streamline healthcare by providing expertly trained virtual scribes who capture precise medical charting, enabling doctors and medical providers to focus solely on patient care and growing their practice.

Established in 2019, is a medical scribing company uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality services due to its ownership by practicing medical providers. These professionals understand the critical importance of not just speed, but also accuracy in medical note-taking. Every virtual medical scribe at Hawk Scribes is personally trained to write notes at the highest level, ensuring that their training is relevant to today’s charting needs no matter the EMR that your practice uses.

With Hawk Scribes, you’ll never have to worry about hiring a full-time staff member again or handling the administrative hassle of managing employees. You’ll be able to focus on what’s important – your patients! All our medical scribe services are HIPAA compliant and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why Choose Hawk Scribes as Your Scribe Company?

What sets Hawk Scribes apart is its ease of use and personalized service. Medical providers simply take a tablet into the room with them, and the rest is handled by a dedicated scribe who gets to know their charting preferences. This is not an AI or transcription service, but a human-centered approach to medical scribing.

First Month Free!

Hawk Scribes offers a one-month free trial, during which they provide real-time training for you and your staff. There are no videos to watch, just live customer support to troubleshoot any issues. Interestingly, their customer service team often finds themselves with little to do, as issues are rare.

25,000 Patients Served

The company’s credibility is further enhanced by the fact that its owners run a medical practice serving over 25,000 patients. This hands-on experience in the medical field allows them to understand and cater to the needs of medical providers in a way that few other scribing services can.

Hawk Scribes stands out among scribe companies due to our dedication to accuracy, efficiency, and affordability. Our HIPAA-compliant virtual scribes seamlessly integrate into any hospital, clinic, or office setup, providing same-day completed charts via your electronic medical records (EMR) system.

We do not use AI, we use trained scribes that understand your individual practice’s needs.

Recognized Among the Best Virtual Scribe Companies

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, Hawk Scribes holds a prestigious position among the best virtual scribe companies. We have revolutionized the virtual medical scribing process and remote documentation services, combining innovative technology with our highly experienced team to enhance the quality of your patient documentation.

Virtual Scribe Companies: Embrace the Future with Hawk Scribes

Hawk Scribes specializes in virtual medical scribes, offering flexible solutions to healthcare providers. With our cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant app, no additional equipment is necessary – your phone or tablet is all you need to access our expert services. Our virtual scribes can work with any EMR, providing efficient, accurate, and affordable services.

Join the rapidly expanding network of healthcare providers who trust Hawk Scribes to lighten their documentation workload, improve chart quality, and enhance patient care. Discover the Hawk Scribes difference today.

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