Focus On Patients Not Charting  

A dedicated remote scribe for your practice who will chart for you in real-time.

All You Need is an iPad (or any tablet)

Medical Scribe holding a folder

As Medical Scribes, We Help Medical Professionals Spend More Time With Patients and Less Time Documenting

Problem: You want to see patients but you don’t have time for all the charting. You wish you could hire a scribe, but they are expensive and you don’t have time to train them.

Solution: This is where we come in. We will provide you with a team of virtual medical scribes who will help with your charting so that you can focus on what really matters – taking care of your patients! Our virtual medical scribes will handle all the note-taking for you. Our app goes directly on your phone or tablet- no additional equipment is needed.

With Hawk Scribes, you’ll never have to worry about hiring a full-time staff member again or handling the administrative hassle of managing employees. You’ll be able to focus on what’s important – your patients! All our medical scribe services are HIPAA compliant and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Let’s Bring Your Practice to the Next Level

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We Help You Enjoy Your Growing Practice and not Drown in the Charting

Problem: Great news, your practice is growing – but that also means your charts are piling up. You wish you could hire a medical scribe but the practice can’t afford to hire another full-time employee.

Solution: Many medical practices use scribes to solve this problem, but these services are expensive. Hawk Scribes is a virtual medical scribe service that is affordable for solo practitioners and start-ups without much capital.

Our Virtual Medical Scribe helps you get your paperwork done so you can focus on what really matters – taking care of patients! We produce high-quality notes. We can also help with generating referrals and prescription reminders.

Let’s Bring Your Practice to the Next Level

Doctor as hero because of medical scribe.
Medical scribe documenting things

We Create Time In Your Day

Problem: We all know how Doctors and Medical Providers are overworked and how hard it is to find the time to write your notes.

Solution: Medical scribes can help doctors save hours every week by doing what they do best – treating patients. But it’s a lot of work for medical practices to hire and train someone new, especially if they’re already busy enough without adding another staff member.

Hawk Scribes is an efficient virtual medical scribe service that can be hired on-demand as needed from anywhere in the US. We provide qualified, friendly scribes who will document your patient visit while you focus on caring for them. Our team of experienced scribes saves doctors up to 5 hours per day so you can get back to spending more time with your patients!

Let’s Bring Your Practice to the Next Level

How Does Hawk Scribes Medical Scribes Work?

Hawk Scribes Works in Three Simple Steps

Bring the tablet into the exam room with you.

The medical scribe will create the chart as you examine your patients.

Review your charts and sign. Your work is done!

Save Money, Save Time, and Practice Medicine – Not Data Entry

About Hawk Scribes

Hawk Scribes provides virtual medical scribes that capture the doctors/medical providers with accurate charting without disturbing you from your patient care. We offer a HIPPA-compliant service to any hospital, clinic, or office to provide same-day completed charts via your electronic medical records system.

Let us reduce your workload. Hawk Scribes specializes in virtual medical scribes for healthcare providers. Our virtual scribe services are efficient, accurate, and affordable. Our HIPAA compliant app goes right on your phone or tablet. No additional equipment is needed. Our scribes can work with any EMR.

Spend more time with your patients and less time on your computer.

Produce high-quality documentation.

Let’s get your practice to the next level

Client Reviews

“Having charts done before I get home from work – who knew this was possible! Thanks, Hawk Scribes!”


“Our practice used to have a full-time scribe position, but we were frustrated at the turnover, training, sick days, etc. Hawk Scribes eliminated all of that. They train the medical scribes, find replacements when needed and produce amazing charts by the end of the day! We have even been able to increase the number of patients we see every day.”


“They took the time to get to know our EMR and each provider’s style of documenting. All of our providers love this service!”


Why Hawk Scribes?


Cost Savings


Increased Efficiency

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